With this project we want to give something back to the collectors. Become part of a fantastic community and benefit from numerous giveaways. Don’t you agree that giveaways are exciting for every project?

Join for Whitelist

Join us on X and Discord to get a chance for our whitelist.

What you get

You will receive an individual NFT in the form of a gift. Each one offers you the chance to win exciting giveaways

Grab your Chance

Take advantage of the NFT for yourself, or how about gifting it to a friend?

As seen on

NFT Calendar. Take a look at our project on their page.


Which will be yours?

Some rarities have a chance at more valuable giveaways. Let yourself be surprised what properties your NFT will have and get the chance to win exciting prize draws.

Whats the plan?

Everybody knows it. Giveaways are one of the best parts of any NFT collection.

NFT Mint

As soon as all NFTs are sold, we start with the first raffle.

Various giveaways

Various giveaways are planned so that every NFT has a chance to participate.

Create some merch

If you like the design, we plan a small collection for the community.

Special giveaways

NFTs with special attributes have the opportunity to participate in special giveaways.

Your suggestions

We are always open to new and creative suggestions. In which direction should it go?

Always up to date

Follow us on our channels and don’t miss any important announcements.
Always be up to date. This gives you the best chance of getting a giveaway.



Let’s build a great community together and continuously develop this project.